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Meet Easop 2.0

Our API integration with Carta, investments from Cooley & SemperVirens funds & a new free tool!

Revolutionizing Global Equity Compensation

The significance of equity compensation in attracting and retaining talent is undeniable, but talent requires more now, they need clarity too. When people are confused and don’t understand what they’re getting, they’re not getting an incentive.

At Easop, we are on a mission to make equity compensation a genuine incentive for grantees and an easy and cost-effective task for equity administrators 🚀. We are therefore thrilled to announce our new investors Cooley’s Silicon Valley based fund, the #1 tech law firm in the U.S. & the HR tech focused VC SemperVirens 📈, a strategic partnership with Carta 🤝, and, last but not least, our new free self-serve tool that is set to redefine the way companies manage their equity compensation programs. 📊

A Testament to Our Vision

Easop's journey takes a significant leap forward with strategic investments from Cooley's fund, the preeminent tech law firm renowned for its expertise in the technology sector, and SemperVirens, a well-established HR tech-focused VC based in the Bay Area. These investments are not just about financial backing.

Ranked as the #1 law firm by PitchBook in 2023 for venture capital deals in the U.S. and globally 🥇, Cooley’s fund investment is a vote of confidence in Easop's team, product, and vision. Easop will benefit from Cooley’s extensive network, legal expertise and comprehensive understanding of the U.S. equity compensation space. Easop’s team will continue to offer their international clients a cheaper and faster alternative for ensuring compliance in the management of their stock option plans outside of the U.S. 

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As a well-established HR tech-focused VC, SemperVirens is yet another strategic investment for Easop. SemperVirens’ extensive network and expertise will help Easop’s management to understand and focus on genuine needs of HR leaders and equity administrators. Easop is dedicated to make equity compensation a genuine incentive for grantees and an easy and cost-effective task for equity administrators.

🗣️ Naël El Berkani, Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer at Easop

“The investment from a Cooley’s fund is a great credit to our innovative approach to a complex problem, but it is just the first step towards the greater recognition of our solution among other tier one tech law firms in the U.S. By working closely with law firms, we’ll be able to create a category leader that will be nice and easy to use but also trusted by the best legal practitioners.” 🚀

Carta Partnership

Easop's stride toward revolutionizing global employee equity management is further underscored by its strategic partnership with Carta, the industry-leading cap table management platform. This partnership is set to reshape equity compensation management for startups and private companies. 🚀

🗣️ Eli Aleyner, Co-founder at AtomicJar

“Easop is the perfect addition to Carta as it internationalizes equity compensation. Incentivizing our global workforce as never been so easy and cost-effective (compared to law firms) and our international grantees now feel genuinely incentivized by equity.” 💬

Our integration with Carta brings a powerful synergy to the table. By providing self-serve solutions that facilitate equity incentives for international workforces, we address the complexities of managing equity awards across diverse jurisdictions. With the support of top-tier law firms in each jurisdiction, Easop's in-house platform enables seamless issuance of new grants, tax handling, employee education, equity rules setup, board reporting, and access to local legal insights in over 70 countries.

🗣️ Reed McBride, VP Business Development at Carta

"Our partnership with Easop represents a major step forward in simplifying global equity management. By combining our industry-leading, global cap table management capabilities with Easop's comprehensive equity compliance solutions, we are empowering businesses to streamline their equity workflow and make informed decisions about team ownership." 🤝

Free Equity Compensation Insights

In yet another move that highlights our commitment to redefine the way companies manage their equity compensation programs, Easop is unveiling a new free tool, designed exclusively for Carta users (for now).

Easop’s Equity Compensation Insights tool brings a unique HR lens on Carta data, as it provides clients with key insights about their past and ongoing equity compensation programs. The tool empowers clients to stay ahead of their workforce’s equity lifecycle with real-time insights and customisable alerts.

For example, the exercise activity dashboard will allow equity admin to monitor historical exercising acivity from grantees and include key data points in their forecasting efforts.

Exercise activity dahsboard

And the list goes on, Easop will allow equity admins to set alerts for re-incentivization or cliff monitoring. Easop will help its users navigate the complex data behind equity compensation and abnormalities. Easop’s Equity Compensation Insights tool facilitates informed decision-making and drives value for businesses and their workforce.💡

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