Stay Compliant in 70+ Countries

Avoid penalties, fines, and missed deadlines with continuous updates of new regulations and tax laws, generated and monitored by 60+ top law firms

Compliance with Easop

Take the Complaints Out Of Compliance

The days of finding and hiring pricey attorneys abroad are over! Easop is your single, cost-effective contact

Gain country-specific insights for smarter planning and decision-making
Receive automatic notifications of new obligations for local filing and reporting
Prepare taxation simulations to see how changes impact you and your team
Know who does what when working with an employer of record
Eliminate variable law firm costs and tighten your budget
Country-specific insightsAutomatic NotificationsExercises featureExperience with EoRs the correct wayEasop is Cost-efficient

"Easop’s global compliance solution has given us peace of mind knowing that we are meeting all of our regulatory obligations. Their team is always available to answer our questions and help us to navigate the ever-changing landscape of equity compensation."

Catherine Wilkinson
Total Rewards & Payroll Lead