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We’re Being Acquired By Remote!

As of today, April 2, 2024, Remote and Easop are starting an exciting new chapter for both companies as Easop joins the fold to aid in Remote’s mission to create opportunity everywhere, empower employers to find and hire the best talent, and enable individuals to build financial and personal freedom.

Easop has been built on a single mission: to make equity compensation a fast, easy, and affordable process for companies with employees across the globe. And the way we’ve approached that problem has grown and evolved into the robust, easy-to-use system for granting equity that we have today.

So when our longtime partner, Remote, approached us about an acquisition, we saw immediately how our two missions aligned.

Where Remote is building the world of international work, with a relentless focus on ensuring both the company and its employees are properly protected on a country-by-country basis, Easop has done the same thing for the equity of those employees.

“We're excited to bring our expertise to Remote and amplify the impact of our solutions, helping more companies navigate the complexities of global equity compensation.  The Easop team is looking forward to playing a pivotal role in Remote's journey to make global employment accessible to all.”

Valentin Haarscher, CEO @ Easop

Strategic Alignment

Which might lead you to wonder: it’s clear why Remote is doing this - they get access to a pre-built system, an enormous database of international equity knowledge, and a team that understands how to help each company and each employee on a person-by-person basis.

But what about Easop? Why are we so excited about this new mission? Well, it’s simple, really: we know we can do so much more to change how international equity works.

Here’s the truth about what this acquisition really means for us: We can achieve those goals that we’ve laid out from the very beginning faster and more effectively than we could have imagined.  For the teams across the world that have been begging for us to bring Easop to their shores - that dream is quickly becoming a reality.  

“This is a fantastic early outcome.  Not only is Easop seeing an early exit, but they’re joining forces with the best EoR on the market.  Very proud to have been part of their journey.”

Shomik Ghosh, Partner @ Boldstart Ventures

With the resources of Remote, and our natural alignment on mission and vision, we’ll be able to move into more markets, provide the same great knowledge, and still maintain (or even improve) our already amazing customer success strategy for our ever-growing user base.

In short, we’ll be able to take our rollout strategy, and give it rocket fuel.

What Happens Next

Over the next few weeks and months, Remote and Easop are bringing their teams together to help ‌users get the most out of this new paradigm.

“For the world-class talent being hired by Remote’s customers, the opportunity to share in the success they help create serves as a powerful motivator and evidence of their value within the organization,”

Job van der Voort, CEO @ Remote

That means helping you ‌take advantage of an acquisition that promises to improve the way we work even more drastically than you’ve ever seen before. And it means making Easop a better version of itself than has yet been seen.

There are a lot of changes coming up, so watch this channel, and we’ll tell you about every new step as it happens!

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