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Why you should outsource global equity compliance to Easop

Discover what makes our clients opt for Easop for their equity management

Why you should outsource global equity compliance to Easop

In today's interconnected world, businesses are expanding across borders faster than ever. The global workforce has become more diverse, and companies are eager to attract and retain top talent from around the the globe 🌎. However, when it comes to granting stock options to international employees, navigating the various tax and legal requirements can be a daunting task.

Easop spares you the need to engage with with different local and expensive equity compensation experts (We did it for you! 💙), but is not just another static knowledge base; it's a game-changer! In addition to its smooth workflow to do stock options grants internationally and compliantly in minutes, Easop has a top-notch DYNAMIC knowledge base.

🗣️ Jonathan Widawski, CEO and Founder at Maze

”Easop does not only provide us with the expert advise you would get from local lawyers in a time & cost-efficient way, it proactively keeps us informed about everything we need to know throughout the entire lifecycle of our equity compensation plans, from offer to termination.”

Enter Easop, your passport to a world of global stock option management, designed to make your life as a stock option administrator easier 🔥

Proactive Notifications and Beyond 🌟

Easop doesn't stop at offering a streamlined workflow for international stock option management. Easop offers you a comprehensive solution for a topic as complicated as global equity compensation management.

Easop’s expert team hasn’t only gathered all the needed information from an extensive network of local tax and legal experts to create the most complete knowledge base, it also made this knowledge base dynamic 🔥

Easop has embedded proactive and automatic pop-up notifications in-app, ensuring you're always one step ahead of your obligations. Below are a few examples on how Easop keeps you in the know 👇

  1. Stay Current with US Requirements 📅
    For US companies, before granting stock options, it's essential to have a valid 409A US valuation approved by the board. Easop goes the distance, notifying you when your current valuation is about to expire and assisting you in the process of approving your new 409A valuation. We provide you with the relevant board consent and support to implement it, so you never find yourself in the frustrating situation where your valuation is outdated when you’re about to do a grant or compute a tax withholding following an option exercise.
  2. Local Requirements Made Easy 🌍
    When it comes to granting stock options in different countries, each location has its unique set of rules and requirements. Easop is your global guide, automatically notifying you of any local prerequisites.
    For instance, in France, you'll receive a heads-up every 18 months to re-approve the specific documentation needed to comply with the BSCPE regime (i.e. the local tax favored regime). In addition, we'll provide you with the necessary consents to streamline the process.
  3. Instant Alerts for Grant Obligations 🔔
    Some countries have obligations that require immediate attention when granting stock options. For example, in Belgium, grantees must approve the grant within 60 days to optimize their tax benefits.
    Easop ensures you're always in the loop and acts as your compliance watchdog by automatically notifying you any action that may be needed at grant.
  4. Seamless Exercise, Holding and Sale Guidance 💼
    Easop is there for you not only during the grant process, but also when your grantees decide to exercise stock options and hold or sell the underlying shares. Grantees and equity admins are fully prepared at every step of the stock options’ lifecycle.
    We automatically generate tailored documents
    🌟 For the grantees  👉 outlining reporting obligations, expected tax implications, and any other crucial information.
    🌟 For the equity admin (or the EoR, if any) 👉  outlining reporting and withholding obligations, and any other crucial information.

Dynamic versus static knowledge 🚀

Our dynamic approach offers our clients a tremendous advantage, i.e. they don't need to stay alert or rely on their memory. Easop is your constant companion, keeping you proactively informed about everything you need to know. It's a substantial improvement over traditional methods, such as relying on memos from lawyers or sifting through a standard knowledge base.

🗣️ Valentin Haarscher, CEO and Co-founder at Easop

”We can’t expect our users to know by heart every requirement or advice from our  global knowledge base, so our app gives them, in context, all the information they need at the moment they need it the most!”

Additionally, local laws may evolve rapidly, rendering an advise pertinent to a specific grant obsolete over time. This is particularly relevant when considering subsequent or refreshing grants in the same country.

For example, over the last months, several European countries have recently implemented a tax-favorable scheme for stock options changing the taxation, reporting obligations or conditions, notably in Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and, to a lesser extent, Germany.

At Easop,we receive proactive notification from our local experts of any changes that might be in the pipeline and we organize a sanity check of our knowledge base every 6 to 12 months.

Easop's dynamic knowledge base is your trusted partner in the complex world of global stock option management, making sure you never miss a beat. With our practical, actionable, and always up-to-date insights, we empower you to manage stock options with confidence and efficiency. So, you can focus on what matters most—building a global workforce, attracting top talent, and growing your business.

Discover the future of stock option management with Easop. Your journey to seamless, compliant, and hassle-free stock option management begins here 📈

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